Picsart Vs Snapseed | Which is better?

Charlie Prell

In the rush of too much photo editing softwares only few are at the top with the constant fan following. Picsart is included in these few apps with plenty of features that are the main reasons behind its popularity from the last ten years.

Picsart vs Snapseed has always been a competitive conflict and it’s a common debate. Here is the comparison of some features and specs of both editors and we’ll try to decide who is the better?

Picsart vs snapseed


It is a photo editing tool with splendid features and filters which was first launched by Nik Software in 2011 and is now controlled by Google.

It gained incredible popularity at first as a result of its excellent features and specs. This photo editor has 29 editing tools like edit, crop, resize, reshape, balance, blur, stretch, clone, etc.


It has a list of filters that can completely transform an image with just one click. The outcomes of its filters will take your breath away.

Snapseed Filter

The interesting point is that it has a selective tool that can help to select any specific area and you can edit that selective area with brightness, exposure, etc.

Video Editing

Unfortunately, it has no video editing tool but it supports all image formats like .jpg, .jpeg, and png. You can add every type of photo extension to it and edit the image.


Snapseed Tools

It consists of 29 editing tools for the complete editing of the images. The tools like stretching, clone, crop, resize, blur, vignette, curves, brush, drama, etc. These are enough tools for any editor.

Templates or Other Images

Snapseed doesn’t give you the option to use the templates, background or any other image. You can edit only those images that are saved on your android or any other system storage.


The notable point is that it is completely free to use. Without spending any single penny, you can use it free for a lifetime.

Ease of use

Due to its simple layout, it’s very easy to use and beginners may also use it without any difficulty. Just upload the image, edit it and save it.


It was once only available for IOS users, but in 2012, it was made available to Android users as well. For PC or desktop, install the android emulator and then you are allowed to use it.

Picsart vs Snapseed


The most favorite and popular editor with millions of followers. It has every feature and tool that is required for images editing. I can’t explain its endless features in this short article. Every month, new effects and filters are introduced to the app, making it a frequently updated tool.

Effects & Filters

Picsart Color Toning Effect (1)

It will be good if I say that Picsart effects and filters are the prominent reasons behind its popularity. There are many effects and filters for the users. Just apply the them and see the magic. You can get unlimited filters by downloading mod app.

Video Editing

By video editing tool, you may edit short clips, stories, and videos. Posting funny clips on social sites is a new trend, you can also do this by using the Picsart video editing tool.


It has hundreds of tools that can reshape any image with just a few clicks. Imagine it has more than sixty million stickers and you are allowed to create unique stickers.

You can change the background image or remove any object. Art tools, selfie tools, background tools, collage tools are the beauty of this app.


Which type of template do you want? Picsart includes hundreds of free templates. It has every type of template for every category like card templates, invitation templates, college templates, flyer templates, invitation templates, meme templates, poster templates and many more.


The only drawback is that only a few features and tools are free to use. You can pay the company for paid and gold features. Download the Picsart Gold version and enjoy the paid features for free.

Ease of Use

Like snapseed, it’s also quite simple to use. For image editing, just upload the image and reshape it. For any template design, just select the template and create the customized template.


It’s available for ios and android systems. Moreover, you can also download it for PC and desktops.

FeaturesPicsart Snapseed
Social NetworkYes No
Photo ChallengeYes No
Paid VersionYes No
Adjust SaturationNoYes
Adjust BrightnessNo Yes
TutorialsNo Yes
Video EditorYes No
Templates Yes No
Mirror EffectYes No
BrushesYes No
For AndroidYes Yes
When Snapseed was launched?
It was launched in June 2011.
Do professional photographers use Picsart?
Yes, it has professional and high level tools that attracts the photographers and other professionals to use it.
How can I get unlimited features of Picsart for free?
For unlimited features and filters, please visit our home page.


After this deep analysis, everyone can realize which is better. Picsart vs Snapseed is a popular argument, and I hope you now have enough knowledge about both apps to make an informed decision.

In my view, Picsart is much better than Snapseed on the basis of so many factors like templates, varieties, updated effects and filters, plenty of options, and more data than others.


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