Picsart vs Photoshop

Charlie Prell

After the advancement in photography, the market is full of photo editors. There is a constant comparison of top competitors in terms of quality and features. Picsart vs Photoshop comparison is a top debate nowadays, and we have covered this debate in very few words.

Both have quality features and amazing specs but both are lagging in some areas. Here is a brief comparison, and we’ll try to decide which one is better in terms of quality, ease of use, and more features.

Picsart vs Photoshop

Head features


A raster graphics editor that’s specially designed for windows. It was released in 1990 and still now, it’s a trademark for editing images.

Photoshop was developed by Photoshop Inc. It’s available in 26 languages which is strong evidence of its worldwide popularity.


Photoshop has a vast collection of gorgeous filters that can be inserted into any picture for a magical look. The two most famous filters are pixenlarge and coloriage.

Pixenlarge – Pictures with small resolutions can be easily reshaped and by its algorithm. It redesigns the image with proper pattern and size. This filter is suitable for designs, stickers, icons, and cartoons.

Coloriage – You must have old photos of your grandparents, and most probably they are black and white. So, it’s the best filter for colorizing black and white images, and it can easily replace colors in photos.


It has dozens of glorious effects that add more sophistication to images. Vintage color effects, watercolor effects, and retro effects are the fantastic effects of Photoshop.

Watermark Images

Suppose you have created a unique design and want to save its copyrights; here is the solution. Open your image in Photoshop, create a layer and enter the text in it. Tweak the font and highlight the copyright notice by text tool. It’s an essential feature for graphic designers and professionals.

Unparalleled Editing features

It’s not limited to only image editing. With pictures and designs editing, you can also edit the videos with its premium free tools. Photoshop has released its mobile app on subscription to extract more benefit from it.

Graphics Design

Although illustrator also provides this, you can design flyers, brochures, any templates, logo designing, landing pages, sales funnel, promotional stuff, brand promotion, and much more.


Initially, it was only for windows and ios devices. Now, it’s available for android devices and completely optimized for tablets.

What We Like
  • Unparalleled editing features
  • Easy for stamp size pictures
  • Best for professionals
  • Easy to edit the image in different formats
  • Edit videos and animations
  • Business-level photos
What We Don’t Like
  • Very tough for starters
  • RAW updates
  • Requires huge space
  • Expensive

Picsart vs Photoshop


A most viral, user-friendly, and easy-to-use photo editor from the last decade. It is well-known for its unique characteristics and unlimited stock options. It was released in 2011, and now, it has millions of fans.

Video Editing

It’s also not limited to only pictures editing. Its video editing tools are sufficient to modify any video or short clip. You can make changes to any existing video by changing its dimension and size. Explore it. You’ll find much more in it.

Effects and Filters

Picsart Color Toning Effect (1)

It is not incorrect to claim that Picsart’s effects and filters constitute its backbone. There are hundreds of filters and effects, and use them on pictures and see the magic. For more detail, read the Picsart effects.


It has a wide variety of templates. You can find dozens of templates for invitations, businesses, weddings, and much more. The main thing is that you can edit them according to your requirements or make changes to them. Picsart Mod Apk provides plenty of unlimited advanced features.


It has a complete package that consists of dozens different tools for the complete editing of the image. The tools like stretching, clone, vignette, brush, drama, crop, resize, blur, etc. Moreover, you can also remove unwanted objects in the background of the images.


Initially, it was only available for ios users. Latterly, it was released for android users in 2012. Now, you can also use it for PC and desktop.

What We Like
  • Realistic images editing
  • Business level features
  • User friendly layout
  • Video editing tools
  • Plenty of templates design
  • Lightweight
What We Don’t Like
  • Only few features are free
  • Incompatible with low ram devices
  • Images quality goes down after applying much features
FeaturesPicsart Photoshop
Effects & FiltersYes Yes
Drawing ToolsYes No
Watermark ImagesNo Yes
Adjust SaturationNoYes
Adjust CurvesYes No
Support LayersYes No
Publishing PlatformNo Yes
RetouchingYes Yes
Collage Yes No
Mapping No Yes
Support for Layers No Yes
Sketch to PSDNo Yes
Share VideosYes No
GradientsYes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are things that make any photo editor effective?

Here are few things that make any editor effective:

  • User-friendly layout
  • Description of every tool and design
  • Easy to use
  • Updated features
  • Must be compatible with all devices

Q2. Which is the best to explore new things?

If you’re crazy about exploring new things, then Picsart is the best, and it has hundreds of filters, effects, and different templates.

Q3. Is Picsart free to use?

The basic app is free for everyone but the gold version is paid. The free version or basic version has limited features and paid version has all features.

Q4. Is Photoshop free to use?

It’s not free to use, but it gives a free trial of seven days, and you can access all its tools and features for free. After seven days you have to pay to use it.


After all this detailed explanation, we can conclude that both are trademarks in the editing market and have top-class features. My conclusion about Picsart vs Photoshop comparison is that the Picsart is best for editing images on mobile, and Photoshop is best for editing on the desktop.


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