Picsart Vs Lightroom | Which is Best?

Charlie Prell

There are a number of photo editors to choose for picture editing. Few of them are well known due to their specs, quality, and easy-to-use functions. Picsart vs Lightroom is a hot discussion and fans of both editors defend their favorite editing tools.

No doubt, both are very well developed with high-quality editing features. Picsart has a solid fan base, whereas Lightroom is also backed by millions of fans worldwide. I have tried to cover the core differences between them. Give it a read and decide which is superior?

Picsart vs Lightroom


An image reshaping software with tons of editing tools and functionalities. It’s a user-friendly tool that supports RAW photos and gives you vast adjustments to rebuild your images. It was released in 2017.

It has two versions, CC and Classic. Lightroom Classic is a paid tool designed for professionals and experts, whereas CC is available in free mode and is quite suitable for starters.

Head Features

These are its few features.

Creative Presets

Lr offers a wide range of amazing and unique creative presets. It allows users to edit and create presets and then apply them to multiple photos simultaneously.

After creating, you’re fully allowed to show them to everyone. Moreover, you can also sell them at the commercial level without any royalty issues.


No editor is considered complete without a vast array of brushes. Lightroom has an extensive collection of brushes for art and illustration. Furthermore, you can adjust the brushes and their other specifications.

Video Editing

Unfortunately, it is only limited to photos editing. You can customize every kind of photo, but the video editing option is currently not available.

Collages and Templates

I don’t know why these features are not included in Lightroom? A complete editor means it has all features that can reshape or rebuild the image, and it does not have any templates and collage designs.

Editing Photos

Apply filters and effects to increase the photo’s quality. Use sliders to improve the color and light. These sliders will help you to edit the images from your mobile device easily. A list of tools is provided for next level editing.

Advanced Images Sharing

The exciting thing about Lightroom is that it has a ‘ Discover Section’. You can share your designs and work here so users can see your designs and edited photos, and you are allowed to analyze other designs and improve your editing skills.

Watermark Photos

The benefit of watermark images is that no one can steal your work without permission. You can apply a watermark on your images by creating it with just 2-3 clicks. Whereas, Picsart doesn’t have the option of a watermark.


One of the most popular editor from the last one decade. Since its launching in 2011, it has changed the editing market tools.

Picsart introduced advanced tools, effects, and filters that improved its popularity. Few specs are available in accessible mode and for the modern features, you have to buy the gold version.

Head Features

Here are its few outstanding features:

Effects and Filters

It has the best effects and filters among all editing softwares in the market. These are developed in a way to flourish your edits.

Countless effects and filters are the backbones of Picsart. Rainbow filters have more than 40 types that’s a considerable number.

Video Editing

It includes a complete setup of video editing tools that are helpful for videos and short clips. Most of the time, you need to edit videos and Picsart is the best choice for it. Remember, Lightroom doesn’t have this option.


Thousands of images are available in the library for background, and you can insert any image into your image’s background with just one click. Moreover, the app has the best tools that allow you to remove an object from the background.


Instead of Lightroom, it has a vast collection of templates like wedding templates, invitations, business, etc. Moreover, you can create templates according to your requirements.


Do you believe it has dedicated 29 editing tools? High-level tools like stitching, clones, and drama are included in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When was Lightroom released?

Lightroom was released on September 19, 2017. Since its launch, it has grabbed a large audience due to its spectacular features.

Q2. Is Lightroom available for Android and Tablets?

Yes, it can be downloaded on Mobiles and Tablets.

Q3. Why are most features of Picsart not free?

Because developers are providing top-notch features and these specs can’t be offered for free.

Q4. Can we get Picsart all features for free?

By downloading modded apk, you can get advanced and latest features for free.


Every photo editor has pros and cons, but we can decide which is better based on a few points. Picsart vs Lightroom is a common debate and according to me, Picsart is far better than Lightroom in terms of necessary tools and many other things.


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