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Picsart is a unique editor with splendid options and features. There is a detailed list of all its features that can amaze you. Picsart mod apk for windows is a new masterstroke by the app’s officials, and it’s also available for PC and ios.

Developer Picsart
Size64 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Requirements4.4 and above
Price CurrencyUSD
Rating Value4.6
Total Ratings18130
Best Rating5
Worst Rating1
Date Published2021-08-31
Date Modified2022-02-08
Updated 3 days ago


Many editors are circulating in the market, but most people prefer the Picsart mod apk due to its super visual analytics. It provides you colossal room to polish your photography skills. You can rework your images and display them to the world for appreciation.

Picsart Mod Apk for Windows


We can’t discuss its unlimited features in a single article, but here are its essential specs that will blow your mind.


Video Editor

You can rephrase existing or new videos with just a little effort. It gives you enough options for complete editing, like setting the clips to perfect size or dimension. For posting short stories on social platforms, this editor is the best one.

Image Editing

Maybe you are depressed about your phone’s camera results in different regions but don’t worry. You can resize and alter photos to meet your needs. With thousands of built-in images, you may eliminate undesired elements from pictures and modify the background.

Picsart Color Toning Effect (1)

Effects and Filters

Picsart is well known for its outstanding filters and effects. A few months ago, its face neon filter went viral and broke all records of popularity. You won’t believe that hundreds of effects and filters are added to it every month.

Picsart Drawing Effect

If we talk about effects, these are unlimited. For more advancements, you can use effects from the picsart gold apk. My favorite one is the sketch and neon effect because of the amazing look.

Background Change

Sometimes you click an image and then realise it’s useless due to a horrible background, so you remove it. But don’t worry, you can now change the entire background with just a few clicks. Picsart pro apk provides you with a large variety of background photos. There are thousands of attractive and eye-catching images and designs for backgrounds.

Stickers and Art Drawing Tools

As you all know, stickers politely convey the message. You can paste stickers on any image for a cartoonish look or lovely look. The editor has a huge number of stickers. Moreover, if you want to create your label, it allows you.

For art hobbyists, there are plenty of tools available. Art lovers can learn new techniques and strategies for sketching and illustrations.

Ads Free

Another quality of our Picsart mod apk is that it’s ad-free. We have wholly ensured that there should not be a single ad because it distracts your attention and effort while working on it.

Ads Free Picsart Mod Apk for IOS/MAC

Download Picsart Mod Apk for Windows

It is the greatest one because it gives you the excellent option of editing photographs and videos in one app. It’s available for download by the Microsoft Store.

Installation Process

  • Open the Microsoft Store on your laptop or PC.
  • Type the Picsart Photo Studio in it.
  • Install and run it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to download on windows?
Yes, it’s 100% safe and secure.
Do you test apps before uploading them?
Yes, all mods of Picsart are tested by me. So, don’t worry about it.
Is it a Chinese app?
No, it’s developed and tested by American developers. Picsart competitors spread these rumours.


For windows, it’s an ideal app that can fulfil your needs and gives you every feature about editing or reshaping the pictures. Sharing is caring, so if you feel this article can help others, do share it in your friends and family members.


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