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Picsart for PC and Windows is a great and easy-to-use app with millions of lovers around the world. The focus of this app is to provide every tool that can help in editing, reshaping, and rebuilding of the images and designs. After making records on android devices now, it’s available for computers and desktops.

Developer Picsart
Size284 Mb
Operating SystemWindows
RequirementsWindow 7
Rating Value4.6/5
Total Ratings18130
Date Published2021-09-6
Date Modified2021-09-05
Updated 2 days ago


Ultimately, it is a free tool that enables you to customize every type of photo and use it for free. It comes with outstanding filters, art tools, video editing features, background remover, an extensive collection of items in the library, and much more. The main thing about it is that it is user-friendly, and its layout is straightforward to handle.

Picsart for PC

Head Features

Here are some glorious features that can help to understand the basic functionality and purpose of this app.

Edit the Images

According to Marry Meeker’s annual internet trends report, people uploaded 1.2 billion digital images in a single day in 2014. Some images need attention and you can create a masterpiece by editing the image.

Picsart gives you the opportunity to rebuild the photos with its powerful tools. You can do a lot of customization by just a few clicks and save it to your device.

Selfies are part of today’s life. I’m sure you’ve taken many selfies with your friends, wife, children, and family members this week. Picsart has special features for selfies lovers. It permits you to do every type of editing, like changing the background and adding a new one.

You can change the layout of your pictures like change background, face colors, hairs, and much more. Color blending, stretching, and clone are allowed in this editor.

Millions of Stickers

You can’t count the total number of stickers in the Picsart App. Computer users, like Android users, may make unique stickers and use them for free. According to me, there are more than sixty five million stickers. You can realize the power of this editor.

Collage Maker

Hundreds of templates are available in the editor. You may organize the pictures of any special event and merge them in collage for a better look. It has many attractive templates and layout designs that you can try for a better look.

Effects and Filters

VHS is the ultimate best filter for travelers and hikers. The primary and most important reason behind its popularity is high-level filters and effects.

You can use photography filters, Glitter filters, Rainbow filters, Pink filters, and much more. There are many sub-filters of the main filter. Like rainbow filter has more than 40 sub filters.

If we talk about effects, no one can explain their effectiveness and beauty. The glitch effect is still the most popular effect since its launch. Through this effect, the layout of a whole image can be changed.

There are thousands of fantastic effects with unique customizations. The smoke effect, rain effect, and duotone effects are most viral nowadays.

Edit the Videos

Picsart for PC allows you to edit the videos for your blog, youtube channel, or any other platform. You can install it on Windows 7, 10 and edit any short clip for free.

Remix Chat

Recently, its developers have launched a new feature which is known as Remix Chat. You can use this function to remix your photos with your friends and family. You are allowed to use it one-to-one or in a grouping.

Free Templates Daily

Picsart management shares free templates and background images on a daily basis. This fresh stuff is free for every user.

Picsart Gold

It’s a paid version of the official app. Users can get more advanced features in a gold version. This paid version provides premium fonts, frames, masks, filters, effects, and much more. Download Picsart Gold Apk and enjoy paid features for free.

Downloa0d Picsart for PC and Windows Latest Full Version

You can install it with few clicks. It will be installed in 2-3 minutes after you click the download link. For window 10, you need to install Picsart Photo Studio from the window store on your system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free for PC?
Yes, it’s completely free for PC and Windows.
Why Picsart is the most popular?
Because of its unique features, amazing visual experience, plenty of editing options, and the massive number of data.
How much stickers does it have?
We can’t count the exact number of stickers, but it has approximately sixty million stickers.
Is it possible to change the background with just one keystroke?
Yes, you can change the background with just a single click, and you can remove unwanted objects from the image.
Is it compatible with Windows?
Yes, it is compatible with Windows.
Do you test it?
Yes, it is tested by me.


Picsart for PC is an excellent app with millions of its active users in the world. It’s a lightweight editor with a easy interface. You don’t need to use heavy and bulky softwares for editing and Photoshop. At last, I will say It is the best photo editor around.


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