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There are very few apps that have grabbed a large audience for a long time. Picsart is a popular app with millions of users across the world, and this is because it has all the quality level image editing tools that can reshape images to the next level. 

Furthermore, Picsart effects and filters are another great things that are getting incredibly popular. With just a few clicks, these effects may completely transform an image. Here are some best effects that surprise the whole editing market with their unique look. Give a read to the full article. You’ll find helpful information. 

Picsart Effects

Best Effects 

You can also download and change the background with these effects.

Glitch Effect

Picsart Glitch Effect

When you apply this effect, it looks like there’s some distortion, but it’s the sign of a pure glitch effect. When used correctly, this effect can modify the overall appearance of an image.

Mixtures of blue, yellow, red, and other colors completely reshape the photo. You can apply from the filters option, and you can also increase or decrease the fade of this effect. 

Sketch Effect

Picsart Sketch Effect

Sketch aesthetics is another trending effect for art lovers. You don’t need to be expert brushes, pencils, or pens. The tool will automatically convert the image into a sketch. You will think, how will it convert? It can identify outlines of any image or portrait and convert them into a sketch on the basis of these outlines. 

Light Effect

Picsart Light Effect

A sweet and simple effect for any picture. This tool has dozens of filters and effects in it. Try the soft grunge aesthetic for vivid and bold filters, and you will realize the transformation of the photo. After all, you can change the fade, saturation, brightness, and contrast of the selected stuff. 

Double Exposure

Wanna try something unique? Here is the viral effect launched by developers. They played a masterstroke by releasing when users were looking for some unique and exciting photo tool.

Combine two different images and click on this effect. It will combine pictures with just one click. However, a blending tool can also do the same then why this? Because it has unique features which others have not. 

Color Exposure

Do you want to experiment with a double exposure effect on a single image? Simply upload the image and select the desired result, and it will create a second layer of your chosen picture. Furthermore, you can edit more by brightness, saturation, etc. 

Color Toning 

Picsart Color Toning Effect (1)

For a stylish and fashionable look, it’s best. Professional photographers use this feature to add a mixture of color into images. This process will reduce the colorfulness of the image, but the hue will remain the same.

Upload the image and select the blue/green color tone. The editor will mix your color tone with different levels of grey to produce fabulous results. 

Pixel Stretch Effect

Many folks call it a rainbow effect. This tool works really well on photos that have a lot of brilliant colors. You are allowed to stretch colors vertically or horizontally, and you can also select the angle at which pixels should be stretched. After all, you can try other tools for blending, saturation, brightness, etc. 

See the magic by Magic Effect

More than 30 styles are added to this effect. I hope you will be pleasantly pleased by the beautiful designs and colors. You should try this effect once and appreciate the efforts of the team. 

Photo Overlays

Picsart Overlay Effect

Have you ever seen the images on social media with different layers? You may achieve a similar appearance by using other textures and bokeh effects. After applying all these, you can adjust them by increasing or decreasing the elements’ opacity, color, and positioning.


As the name suggests, the contrast of two different colors. It’s best if you’re interested in checking the contrast of colors in the photo. Play with this tool, and you’ll find something interesting and suitable. 

How to use all these effects?

  • Open the Picsart app or website. 
  • Select any tool for working
  • Upload the image into the tool.
  • Select any filter for your image.
  • You can also change the image’s parameters.
  • Download option is also available.  

Download Picsart Editor

You can download the Picsart from the given link, but if you want paid features for free like gold or mod apk, the link is provided below. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best effect?
All effects are of high quality with many features. Try all, you will find the best one. 
Can I access all effects for free?
You can access premium features for free by downloading Modded Apk. Basic effects are free for everyone.
Is it an American app?
Yes, it’s developed by U.S developers. 
Can I download it on PC?
Yes, you can install it on a computer or laptop. 
How many monthly users does it have?
It has more than 150 million active users from all around the world. 


I have explained the most viral Picsart effects in a precise way. This stuff is the main reason behind its worldwide popularity. You can use it to discover a plethora of other functions. Moreover, you can download Picsart editor on our website. 


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