How to Use Picsart – Complete Guide

Charlie Prell

Picsart is the leading photo editor with hundreds of features and specs and is very popular with youth. Although the online market is saturated with tons of image editors, Picsart is still increasing its fans around the globe. Some users struggle to use picsart, so here is the complete guide on how to use Picsart.

How to use Picsart App

It doesn’t matter that you’re an experienced photographer or a newbie, you need an editor to customize your work. However, editing takes time and sometimes it might frustrate you. With a solid command and it’s very easy to complete an editing task. So, go through the entire post; you will find it helpful.

How to use Picsart App

After installing the app on android or ios device, connect your accounts with Picsart. The first tab, ‘Home’ shows recent designs of other users and news feeds from other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

To upload any picture for editing, click on ‘+’ sign at the center, and it will instantly load your image into the editor. After uploading, you can use all features on your picture.

Recently, developers have launched a new amazing feature called ‘Challenges’. The officials add all the challenges.

Picsart Challenges

Furthermore, you can also use hashtags to find any effect, filter or something else such as #glitch, #gachaeyes, etc.

Picsart Hashtags

How to use on PC

After browsing, you’ll see this on your computer. Create account and sign in to the editor.

Picsart Signup

If you want to edit your image, tap on the upload button and upload it from the system.

Picsart Upload

Wanna unleash your creativity? Click on the ’new project’ button and show your creativity to the world.

Picsart Creativity Portal

How to edit with Picsart?

Here comes the real fun….you can rebuild your photos from scratch and make them eye-catching. You can edit designs or create any project and below are some helpful Picsart tools.

Filters & Effects

These are the backbone of the editor with amazing designs and features. Tap on the ‘effects’ and tons of layouts are here to transform your image. You can edit the effect as well for more sophistication.

The prominent thing is the developers update the effects and filters regularly, so be ready to receive new features every week. Furthermore, you can enjoy advanced filters in the premium version.


Combine memorable images in one place with the use of collage. Other editors have only collage templates, but Picsart provides templates for every event such as birthday collage, wedding collage, party collage, outdoor collage, and so on.

Video Editor

Only few editors offer both video editing and images editing. You can add audio to any existing video and add text to the video with few clicks. It offers resizing, cropping, trimming, and slideshows of video clips. In short, it’s a complete feature-packed video editor.


Add meaningful stickers to level up your content. You can add stickers to social media posts, design files, and in your images. Moreover, you can also customize your stickers and use them commercially.

How to add stickers?

  • Upload the image.
  • Search and select the stickers.
  • Set the brightness, saturation, and opacity of your sticker.
  • If necessary, make any changes to it.
  • Adjust the position of the sticker.
  • Download the image.


Create dozens of templates within a few minutes. The app includes plenty of templates for every occasion, such as business, wedding, party, etc. In Pc, click on the ‘Products’ option and then tap the photo editor button. You will see dozens of updated templates.

Drawing Tools

Add doodles to images with different pens and pencils. Try different layers, customizable brushes, and mix colors.You’ll be amazed to read that you can create a digital sketchbook. This feature is a gift for art lovers.

Picsart Tools

There are hundreds of tools but I’ll discuss only useful tools for daily life use.

Remove Eliminate the objects and people from the image but remember, it’s a paid feature.
Adjust Set the brightness, hue, saturation, contrast and much more.
Clone Remove a particular part of the image by copying part of the image from one place to another.
Stretch With a warp, swirl, squeeze or inflate, you can change the perspective of your image.
Blur Add blur effects to your images such as motion blur and radial blur.
Selection Select any specific part of a photo and edit it.
Fonts Add fonts to your files with different varieties.
Effects Add effects to give a new look to your editing.
Filters Choose it wisely because sometimes images look weird with filters.
Drawing A complete set of tools for art illustration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners use Picsart?
It is perfect for newbies and starters because of its simple interface and user-friendly layout. More than 60% of Picsart’s users are professional designers and photoshop experts, so it’s quite beneficial for beginners.
When was Picsart Released?
It was released in November 2011. Initially, it was launched for Android users, and in 2013, it was released for iPhone users.
What’s the major drawback of Picsart?
According to me, the only drawback is that it requires a stable internet connection for editing. Most features are available in online mode and some tools can be used in offline mode.


Picsart is a great app for rebuilding images quickly. You need to focus on tools and use them wisely for a decent look. I hope readers are clear on how to use Picsart. Explore and play with features. It has many specs beyond your expectations.


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