How to Remove Background in Picsart?

Charlie Prell

It happens with all of us that sometimes we take photos and don’t like the background of a picture. The beginners or non-technical users will be worried about how to remove background in Picsart? Here is the complete step-by-step guide for this.

How to remove background in picsart

Picsart includes a few impressive tools for background removal that allow us to perform the task quickly with a few clicks and modifications. Like blurring the image, background removal was also a tough few years back but thanks to these advanced Ai editors that have changed the whole scenario with 2-3 clicks.

The prominent thing about its editing tools is that they can easily identify the background of complex images.

Remove Background in Android Devices

After installing the app, connect your account with Picsart and upload your images to the editor. If you are unaware of this, please give a read How to use Picsart Editor.

Click on the ‘+’ sign to upload your file in editor. Then, tap on ‘Fit’ to proceed  more.

Picsart Editing       Picsart Background Remove on Android

Choose the ‘eraser tool’ as marked in picture and select ‘Person’ to remove background behind the body.

Remove background by eraser tool       Picsart Person Background

Here you can see the result, and the interesting fact is that you can also invert the photo.

Result After Editing       Picsart Invert Tool

Remove background in PC

Open the Picsart editor in your browser. If you are a user, then log in to the site. Beginners should create an account before using the Picsart.

Login to picsart  Go to the menu bar, click on ‘Products’ and tap the ‘background remover’ option.Menu Bar

Hit the upload button and upload the image you want to edit. Then, choose the ‘remove background’ option to edit picture.

eraser tool specs

It’s up to you whether you wanna remove the background behind the object or person. You are allowed to use your background. Furthermore, the eraser tool offers you to adjust brightness, opacity, and saturation according to the requirements of the image. For background blurring, read this article.

behind the person edit

Moreover, paid background remover offers more advanced specifications. You can install mod Picsart to enjoy paid and premium features for free.

Common FAQs

Q1. Can I remove background in offline mode?

Yes, you can easily remove the background in Picsart but few extra features will not be available in offline mode. It’s beneficial to use the editor with a stable internet connection.

Q2. Why should I install Picsart?

There are some reasons behind it that can convince you to use this tool.

  • Most popular editor
  • More than 150 million users in the world
  • Positive feedback of consumers
  • Frequently updated app
  • Sub features in every major feature
  • Huge collection of data
  • Simple and attractive layout
  • Offers every tool for editing
  • Vast collection of templates, flyers, banners, etc
  • Video editing tools
  • Weekly challenges and much more

Q3. What if I am a beginner and don’t have knowledge about photo editing?

Because of its straightforward appearance and easy-to-use tools, this software will appeal to beginners. The interesting fact about Picsart is that its mostly users are under 30 and most of them are starters. You can offer your photo editing services at online marketplaces after learning it.


These are the few steps that are essential to edit the photos. I hope now you’re clear on how to remove background in picsart. Follow these steps and you’ll succeed to edit anything in this tool. There’s much more, use it and explore it.


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