How to Blur Background of a Photo in Picsart?

Charlie Prell

There are several purposes for blurring the background of images. Sometimes, you want to hide an unwanted object in an image or any irrelevant person. Most photographers use blur features for a professional look in photos, and blur photo helps the user focus on a particular area or shot.

How to blur background in picsart

The blur feature is not a new term, it was introduced in early 1900, and at first, it was named ‘Motion Blur’. After much advancement, you can blur any photo within a few minutes, which was a complicated task a few decades ago. I have shared a few simple methods on how to blur the background in picsart.

See the below image for how blurred background has changed the entire look of the photo. The blur effect is the backbone of any editor, and you can explore blur features by installing mod apk.

Picsart Blur Effect

Blur Background in Picsart

Picsart has an excellent blur tool for rebuilding photos in just a few steps. It does not matter if you’re using it for the first time. You can do it quickly. Follow these steps:

Upload your Picture

Open the picsart on your pc or android and click on the plus sign at the center bottom. Select the photo for editing from your gallery. For practice or experiment, you are allowed to choose any image from the library and check different backgrounds and fonts on it.

Picsart blur background photo

Select the blur tool

Go to the editor panel and click on Effects. To start, choose basic blur. You will see many options like focal zoom, gaussian blur, motion blur, radial blur, etc.

Radial Blur: It creates the circular motion effect with a focus on center of the image.

Focal Zoom: It allows you to adjust the focus at a particular area with a blurred background.

Motion Blur: It gives a touch of movement, sense, and action into the image.

Explore all of them for more advancements and information.

Eliminate any object

Choose the eraser icon to remove anything. Zoom in and zoom out options are given for precise editing. You can customize the brush according to your requirements, and you can customize the size, hardness, and opacity of the eraser.

Implement the changes

After all, tap on apply to implement all settings on your photo.

Save and Share

After completing the work, store the image in your gallery, and you can also share it on social sites. Don’t forget to save your design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we blur any specific area of an image in Picsart?
Yes, you can blur any particular area of the image, and for this, focal blur is the best choice.
How can I fix a blurry image in Picsart?
  • Open the app.
  • Click on effects.
  • Choose the sharpen effects and apply them to your image.

It will decrease the level of sharpness.

Is it free to edit images in Picsart?
Some features are free to use but you can purchase or download the gold version for unlocked features.


You can now add blur effects to images without making any mistakes. Follow all these steps, and I hope this question is clear that how to blur the background in Picsart.


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